Sunday, April 17, 2011

//America\\ Games //Lemon\\

Requested By: Shikalover1245

You groaned as your body arched to America's touch. The way he made you feel, it made you feel as if you were on air. His touches were soft and caring, where at other times they could be hard and passionate. You never knew what he was going to do next, and you loved it. You locked lips with him, feeling his tongue as to enter your mouth, you opened widely and allowed him access. Your tongues danced together, a passionate dance soon turned into a fight for dominance, which surprisingly you won. America groaned, hating you becoming the dominate one so quickly.

Taking you he flipped you over on the bed where he was on top of you, instead of the other way around. You snickered, noticing America's dislike for you taking control, and his attempts of taking it back. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him down closer to you. Your kisses became sloppier and your movements became faster. Flash backs started flowing into your mind, everything that lead up to this event started to play.

"[Name]! Come play with me!" America shouted, holding the bran new video game in his hands with a smile. Only to slowly lose that smile when he saw you at your desk, hard at work. You glanced up before returning to your work.

"Sorry, Alfred, but I've got to get these papers to congress before tomorrow. Idiots threatening to shut down the government again..." You sighed, looking over the papers once more before writing something down. America frowned, slowly moving towards you desk before standing above you. Glancing up you raised an eye, seeing a smile soon appear on his lips.

"You worry too much [Name]." America said laughing, you sighed and slapped him playfully on the leg.

"And this is why you're in the shape you're in Alfred." You muttered, a yelp soon following once hosted up onto America's shoulder and carried out of the room. Your shouts of protest for him to put you down fell on deaf ears, also blocked out by his laughter.

"You need to let some of that stress out, and I know just the way to do it~"

You groaned feeling America's hardened length at your entrance. His eyes locked with yours once before he entered you fully. You groaned and threw your head back against the pillow on the bed. America groaned as you pulled him closer to your body.

"[Name]... you're tight!" He hissed as he started bucking rapidly into you. You gasped, liking the feeling that ran through your body from his movements. You yelled out, feeling something start to turn in the bottom of your stomach. You felt America's teeth sink into the side of your neck, he started to nibble there. You groaned, bucking upwards into him, making him stop his nibbling momentary. He turned to look at your flustered face and smiled.

"[Name]... I'll get you there, don't worry." He said as he pulled you up into his chest, sitting up on the bed in his lap he made you start bouncing on him. You placed your head in between his shoulder and neck, loving the new feeling this position gave you. You yelped out, feeling your insides come undone as you came. America wasn't far behind and joined you back on the bed, both of you trying to catch your breath.

"I told you, [Name]." America said smiling, you sighed and hit him playfully before rolling over and getting off the bed, leaving him in question.

"I have to get back to work." You plainly told him, finding your clothes. He groaned, when were you ever gonna learn to have some fun and relax?

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