Sunday, April 17, 2011

//North Italy\\ Stop //South Italy\\ Teasing //Lemon\\

Requested By: Ouransgirl

"Ah~ Romano!" You shouted, feeling him bite your neck from behind. The feeling of his teeth sinking in make you squirm and push your naked body further into Italy's. Italy purred, pulling away from one of your hardened nipples he looked up at his brother.

"Romano, be genital to [Name], ve~" Italy said kissing you passionately on your lips, before moving back down to give your nipple more attention. Romano groaned, not like being ordered around by his little brother, pulled away from your neck to yell.

"Well, if she would have been genital to me, I wouldn't be so rough with her now!" Romano said before his lips locked back onto the side of your neck. You groaned, remembering what started this whole ordeal.

"Oh Romano~" You cooed as you moved towards him. He raised an eye, but at the same time a small blush appeared on his cheeks. He moved backwards with every advance forward you took.

"Wh-What do you want!?" Romano shouted, only to gasp loudly when your finger came up and started to play with his curl. His legs turned into jello and he fell to the floor, still shaking. You snickered, catching Italy moving into the room right then. You advanced on him, and did the same, making Romano jealous. Standing to his feet, he went and tackled you to the ground, straddling you. His hot breath his the shell of your ear.

"Stop teasing [Name]." You chuckled, your hand moving back up to his curl and playing with it again. He made that cute little noise that he makes whenever you would do that, and you couldn't help but like it. Romano's lips locked with yours, his tongue was shoved into yours. You moaned, enjoying the feeling of his tongue dancing with yours.

"Ve~ Don't forget about me."

You were pulled from your thoughts when you felt yourself being penetrated from behind. You sucked in a cold gasp of air, feeling the thrust come quickly. Italy moved from your breast up to your lips, there he locked with you. His tongue asking for permission, instead of just shoving it in like Romano's. You opened your mouth, feeling his dance with yours, it felt good. You gasped in Italy's mouth, feeling Romano's thrust becoming faster and harder.

Romano's hands came from behind and latch onto your breasts, feeling his fingers pinch at your nipples you arched your back further to where you could feel more of his hands. Feeling something build up in your stomach you pulled away from Italy's mouth, letting out a scream as you road out your orgasm. Romano wasn't far behind, cumming as well. You sighed, thinking it was over, only to have Italy enter you from the front.

"You're tight, [Name]." Italy said as he slowly thrust into you. You moaned from the sudden entrance, not expecting him to enter right after Romano. You felt amazing, feeling your second orgasm come so quickly, you figured it was from the change of pace. Going from quick and hard, to soft and easy was a big difference in feeling.

"Ve~ So good!" Italy said picking up the pace just a bit, it seems he was getting closer to the edge as well. You put your finger in his curl and gave it a good, long, slow tug. Feeling trimmers going threw his body, did it for you. You screamed in your second release. Both you and Italy fell to the floor, next to Romano. You sighed, looking between the two boys, before you gave an evil smile. Both your hands ran up to their curls and gave one flick of your wrist, making both shudder again.




  1. lol
    I like the ending. Scratch that, I like the whole thing. People should really make more N.Italy x Reader x S.Italy lemons. :3

  2. Be genital, eh? I see what you did there. *Wink wink*