Sunday, April 17, 2011

//Spain\\ Sweet //South Italy\\ Sour //Lemon\\

Requested by: EDLP

Oh-ngh-God-ngh-Ro-ngh-ma-ngh-no!” You shouted as the Italian continued to pound into you with no mercy. You had made the mistake of teasing him by pulling and running your finger through his curl. That's what seemed to lead up to this right here. Romano was angry and horny with you, so angry sex is what was happening. Romano lifted your legs up towards the ceiling higher while pulling them out away from each other making a 'V' shape while continuing to pound into you. Suddenly the bedroom door flew open and a rather happy looking Spain stood there in a pink apron while holding a plate of pasta.

My little tomatoes~ I have made some pa-”

What the hell are you doing! Get out you bastard!” Romano shouted while he continued to pound you.
Spain stood there in the doorway watching, as if confused as to what he walked into, then as if it hit him he dropped the plate of pasta on the floor.

I think I should be asking you that! What are you doing to my poor little tomato!?!” Spain rushed over towards the bed and yanked Romano out of you by grabbing his shoulders and pulling him off the bed. Spain wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you up into his chest.

Mai bella! How could you let him do such a thing to you!” You were too busy catching your breath in order to answer him, so instead you just snuggled closer into Spain's chest.

Il mio amico, you must be sweet with the ladies!” Spain said looking down at Romano who jumped up to his feet.

Shut up and get the hell out of here I was doing just fine before you interrupted us!”

Eh? Really...”

Nuuuuuuuuuuuh!!!” You yelled out as you felt Romano continue to pound into you from behind. While Spain's tongue assaulted one of your hardened nipples from below. Spain had figured since Romano was being too rough for you, he'd sweeten things up a bit. You felt Spain's finger move from rubbing your belly up to the back of your head, tangling his fingers into your [h/c] hair moving his lips onto yours.

Spain gently battled against your tongue, finally winning and exploring his new territories for his reward. Your hand trailed down his firm chest, down to his very hardened member. You heard him gasp as your hand wrapped around it and started to pump extremely fast.

[Name]!” Spain and Romano both seemed to moan at the same time, which seemed to only heat up this sexual threesome. Both men wanting to please you to the fullest, and lets just say your pleasure was to the fullest and overflowing. Before you knew it you threw your head back and let out a loud cry, telling both the men that you had just had your orgasm and came.

Your hand still somehow managed to pump Spain's penis while holding yourself up while your body gave a couple of spasms. As if locked in sync, Romano yelled out while he came inside of you, and Spain gave a loud grunt as he came on your belly. Finally, you were able to collapse onto Spain's chest, while Romano collapsed onto your back. Spain wrapped his arms your back, while one hand went to pat Romano’s head making him growl.

See...I told you.... I was doing just fine.... with [Name].” Romano said as he swatted Spain's hand away and closed his eyes.

What did you... think [Name]?” Spain asked, he too feeling the need to close his eyes for some good sleep.

It was... great... you were both great.” Even though Romano was rough with you while Spain was passionate, you enjoyed it. Slowly your eyes began to close and you finally fell asleep between the two men who you loved.

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